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Kairi Sane Reportedly Receiving Medical Attention Following WWE TLC Main Event

Kairi Sane WWE TLC Injury

Kairi Sane Undergoing Medical Evaluation

Kari Sane may be injured following the main event of Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view, where her and Asuka retained the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Throughout the match, Sane was on the receiving end spots which may have caused her head trauma. At one point during the match Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch both threw monitors, where one hit Sane in the back of the end.

Sane’s also landed awkwardly, possibly on the concrete, during a suplex from Charlotte Flair against a barricade outside of the ring.

Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer reports that Kairi Sane is receiving medical attention following the match. We may not have a diagnosis until tomorrow prior to RAW.

Following the match Becky Lynch had some encouraging words for Sane.