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Long Time Tag Team Reportedly Leaving WWE, Former Champion Returning?

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The Colons Reportedly Exiting WWE

Primo and Epico and Colon are reportedly leaving the company.

Former WWE Superstar Savio Vega recently spoke with Hannibal TV stating that the duo are finishing up with the company.

The tag-team has been absent from WWE programming since Survivor Series 2018 have had an occasional dark match with the company, but haven’t been inside a WWE ring since this past February.

The duo have been working for World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico as Orlando and Eddie Colon. Orlando Colon captured the WWC Universal Championship this past September.

When the duo signed with WWE, terms included them be able to continue to work for their family promotion WWC.

The duo was absent from WWE’s recent live event in San Juan, Puero Rico, where they are based.

WWE has both members still listed as members of the SmackDown roster.

Former Champion Returning?

During Savio Vega’s interview with Hannibal TV he also mentioned that former WWE star Carlito was contacted by the company to make a return.

Carlito was released from WWE in 2010 due to a Wellness Policy violation.

He made an appearance for the company in 2014 when his father Carlos Colon was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Since leaving WWE, Carlito has been a mainstay on the independent scene, and has landed acting roles on GLOW, and more recently an episode of Goldbergs alongside WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan.