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Mike and Maria Kanellis ‘Power Of Love’ WWE Network Collection Pulled, Both Taken Off The Road

A few weeks ago Mike and Maria Kanellis allegedly asked for their WWE release. Maria Kanellis took to social media stating that she did not ask for her release, but did not mention if Mike did.

Multiple sources have now confirmed the story that Mike did in-fact ask for his release, and the WWE denied it. This reportedly happened sometime in December according to Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer.

To make matters more interesting the duo is not on the road this week according to Mike Johnson at PWInsider Elite. While everyone else is on the road, Mike and Maria were not scheduled.

The reasoning behind them being off the road is currently known. Whether they have approved time off, or something related to Mike asking for his release cannot be confirmed.

Mike’s last in-ring match was back on 12/4/18 for 205 Live. Generally speaking most talent still travel with the company, regardless if they are booked for a match.

Mike and Maria’s “Power Of Love Collection” was scheduled to air on the WWE Network ahead of Valentine’s Day, but has since been cancelled.

The WWE Network special was set to be hosted by the duo, but the WWE has apparently pulled the plug on the project.