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NXT Star Jordan Myles Calls Out Triple H and Vince McMahon For Racially Insensitive Merchandise

Jordan Myles Calls Out Vince McMahon and Triple H Over Racially Insensitive Merchandise

NXT Star Jordan Myles is extremely upset over merchandise released by WWE, and aired his grievances to Vince McMahon and Triple H on Twitter.

The t-shirt in question, which has since been pulled, depicted large lips, with the words “Jordan Myles” stylized as teeth written inside. The design is perceived as too close to blackface, which has a deep history used to denigrate and dehumanize African American’s.

I will keep posting this till my voice is heard. I’m not sorry for anything I say or do.

Representation is important.

If this is @VinceMcMahon & @TripleH “vision” of me then this is a slap in the face to EVERY African American performer, fan, and supporter.


Part of Myles persona involves a lot of smiling, which WWE’s design team may have got the inspiration from. Myles was told that the design was supposed to be a play on the Rolling Stones logo, which depicts large lips with a tongue sticking out.

WWE has pulled the design, and replaced it in their Custom Tees shop

Jordan Myles, best known for his work as ACH was signed by WWE in January of this year. Myles won the NXT Breakout Tournament this past August.