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Report: NXT Talent Urged Not To Talk To ‘Dirt Sheets’

Some members of the NXT locker room aren’t pleased following a meeting held prior to the USA Network broadcast on 1/29.

According to Fightful Select (subscription required), a meeting was held Wednesday instructing talent not to speak with “dirt sheets”.

One source stated, “they reminded me that I’m a contractor, then tried to tell me who I couldn’t talk to, so here I am,”

NXT talent were also reminded they need to prove they have health coverage, which as independent contractors is not supplied by WWE.

WWE contracts outline that talent must provide proof of health insurance coverage, with annual checks done by the company to ensure policies are valid

WWE health insurance contract

Earlier this week, a meeting was held at the WWE Performance Center instructing talent not to call out SmackDown and RAW talent on social media.

The original report ruffled some feathers at the WWE Performance Center, which resulted in a separate meeting, advising talent not to leak information to wrestling news sites.

Fightful added to the original report stating that meeting was at an orientation for new WWE recruits.