[Possible Spoiler] Details On Segment Involving Lana, Rusev, and Bobby Lashley Set For RAW

Leaked Details On RAW Segment Revealed

WWE will continue to build the feud between Rusev and Bobby Lashley tomorrow night on RAW.

During tonight’s Starrcade event, Rusev had a “temporairy restraining order” in the state of Georgia, which didn’t allow him to compete against Bobby Lashley. Kevin Owens ended up subbing for Rusev in the match. Following the match, Rusev appeared from the audience, and began to lay out Lashley.

The storyline will continue tomorrow night on RAW, with an interesting twist taking place involving Bobby Lashley getting arrested.

According to Reddit insider u/looselipsbackstage, Lana has yet another restraining order against Rusev, this time in the state of Tennessee. Lashley ends up getting arrested after being pushed into a police officer.

Details on the segment.

Lana has a restraining order against Rusev in the state of Tennessee. Rusev attacks Lashley while cops are protecting Lana. Lashley yells at cops, gets pushed into a cop, and gets arrested. Even cop has a speaking part and a “cheap pop.”

Last week on RAW, Rusev was arrested after not adhering to a restraining order issued by Lana prior to the event.

According to the report, the episode of RAW isn’t that great, and the insider urges fans to just watch the highlights after the show.

Also, it’s a really bad episode of Raw. Just watch YouTube videos of the show after it airs.

Based on the leak coming a day before the event WWE could always change plans on the segment.

WWE currently has plans to feature a Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley match at TLC on 12/15 in Minneapolis.

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