Randy Orton Claps Back At Tony Khan, AEW Founder Calls Out Orton For Using N-Word

The on-going war between AEW and WWE took quite the turn Monday night on Twitter.

It all started when CM Punk tagged both Vince McMahon and Tony Khan in a tweet promotion tomorrow night’s episode of WWE Backstage. Khan responded with a tweet taking shots at WWE’s travel issues in Saudi Arabia.

Randy Orton defended WWE , and posted a 2018 article about Tony Khan’s father, lead AEW investor Shahid Khan. The article spoke on Shahid Khan being investigated in the United Kingdom for corruption.

Tony Khan held nothing back in his reply to Orton, speaking on the Viper “grasping for leverage” in tagging him in posts in the past. He was referring to Orton being vocal about being interested in AEW, as well as making cryptic social media posts. Khan seemingly feels Orton did this to get a better deal when re-signing with WWE.

Khan didn’t stop there, he brought up the recent Twitch stream where Randy Orton used the N-word.

Tony Khan stated, “I thought you only tagged me in your posts when you were grasping for leverage. That article’s over a year old + is about baseless claims made about my dad years ago. That’s the best you can do, nothing. Meanwhile in the time since that was written, you used the N word on twitch.”

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