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Randy Orton vs Edge Criticized Internally After ‘Hanging’ Spot Was Not Cut From Wrestlemania Match

Edge vs. Randy Orton Becomes Second Longest Match In Wrestlemania History


Following his return to WWE, Edge worked his first singles match in close to a decade Sunday during Wrestlemania 36.

The match against Randy Orton broke a record, now is the second-longest Wrestlemania match in history at 36:41.

The match faced criticism, not only for its length but for one spot that many found insensitive.

While Orton and Edge were brawling inside the workout area the WWE Performance Center, Orton wrapped edges neck around weight equipment.

Some within the company felt it was too close to the real-life scenario involving the circumstances around Chris Benoit’s death. He ended his life hanging himself with weight equipment.

Dave Meltzer spoke on this during Monday’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio , indicating some within the company weren’t too pleased.

“I know people in the company it affected” Meltzer stated. “It prob affects the talent more than the fans, you can say some fans are new, and haven’t seen it. You can’t name one wrestler who doesn’t know the Chris Benoit story”

Many feel due to the match being so long, the editing team could have eliminated the spot from the final cut before broadcast.

“The editors were so lost in another universe, they are so out of sync” Meltzer said. “This went through all these channels for a week, over a week, editing, and nobody took the Benoit spot out, nobody cut the match down”

Chris Benoit was the focus of a two-part episode in the latest season of “Dark Side Of The Ring”. The series explored his life and career, as well as the events leading up to the heinous acts he committed on his family