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Report: Additional WWE Releases Expected

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More Talent May Be Released From WWE

WWE may be planning to release more talent from the roster.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, sources within the company believe more talent will be released.

“Regarding releases, within the company the belief is that there are more coming” Meltzer stated. “These things change rapidly, as for so long it was nobody getting released, then it was if they aren’t happy let them go, and then still, nobody was getting released.”

This past Sunday, WWE released The Ascension, Luke Harper and Sin Cara from their WWE contracts. The report indicates none of the talent who were released were aware ahead of the time they would be let go.

It’s unclear where stars such as Mike Kanellis stand, Meltzer noted, “Mike Bennett has been doing everything asked of him, although it’s still unclear where he’s going, but he did manage to kill dead that “who is the father” angle on Raw.”

It was also noted that with the exception of ACH, everyone who was recently released was 39 years or older.

The Ascension, Sin Cara, and Luke Harper are all bound to no-compete clauses until 3/8, and will continue to receive a pay check from WWE. The belief is they can most likely work certain non-televised independents prior to that date, with and also do autograph signings.

Following the recent releases, Fightful Select indicated that talent from the NXT roster have been discussing the potential of releases from that brand. Backstage chatter indicates if any releases so happen, it could be in January or early February.

In the past, talent would have to clear any independent bookings with WWE while bound to the no-compete clause.