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Report: Backstage Details On The Revival’s Absence From WWE Television


The Revival have been off WWE television for over a month, and have only worked a handful of live events

According to Fightful Select (subscription required), Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have not requested any time off.

When inquiring why the duo is not part of this weekend’s Elimination Chamber match, they were simply told that the two had been “at home”.

Scott Dawson’s WWE contract expires in roughly a month, while Dash Wilder has an additional ten weeks on his contract due to injury.

The Revival asked for their WWE release for the second time in January.

WWE has made continued efforts in attempts to re-sign the pair, but have not been successful

Last year, WWE offered The Revival $550,000 each per-year to sign new deals with the company.

The Revival were last on WWE television during the 1/31 episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

WWE Attempts To Block The Revival From Using Recent Trademark Filings

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson are seemingly preparing for their WWE exit, filing trademarks for various terms related to the team.

The pair has filed the following trademarks with The United States Patent and Trademark office.

  • Say Yeah
  • Shatter Machine
  • Top Guys
  • No Flips, Just Fists

WWE is now making claim to the term “No Flips Just Fists”, days after The Revival filed their own trademark. The only difference is a comma between the filings is a comma.

The Revival filed the trademark on 2/18, while the WWE filed on 2/24.

WWE also filed a trademark for the term “The Mechanics”, which Wilder and Dawson used early in their NXT career during live events.