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Report: WWE Co-President’s Exit Believed To Be Due Higher Expenses To Keep Talent From Leaving

George Barrios Michelle Wilson

On the heels on one of the major shakeups in WWE corporate history, more details have come to light on the recent exit from WWE Co-President’s Michelle Wilson and George Barrios.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, those within the company believe Barrios and Wilson were against the idea of signing talent that the WWE had no plans on using, as well as higher expenses to keep anyone from leaving the company.

Within the company it was said that they were against the idea of signing up talent that wasn’t being used and the much higher talent expenses to keep anyone and everyone from leaving, which lowered the profit margin that Wall Street was expecting from the big TV windfall, and thus made the stock price not hold.

Vince McMahon has publicly stated that the reason behind the depattures was “based on a different view of execution of our areas of focus.”

In 2019, WWE’s revenue’s were at an all-time high, but profits were down 25% year over year.

Vince McMahon’s standpoint is spending more money on securing talent from leaving, and joining other promotions, such as All Elite Wrestling, which is now WWE’s number one competition.

According to WWE’s latest 10-K filing, the company had approximately 300 stars signed to contracts.

WWE currently has less than 200 stars who are used on television or live events in NXT/UK, SmackDown and RAW.

The company has upwards of 100 people under contract who aren’t being used on television or live events, many of which are training at the WWE Performance Center