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Triple H Sets The Record Straight On Removing ‘Women’ From NXT Women’s Championship

WWE’s move to remove gender-specific designation to NXT titles is not what it seems according to Triple H.

Ahead of NXT Takeover: Portland, Triple H hosted a media call, and spoke on the topic, indicating there was discussions around it, but there was never an official direction to remove the term “Women” from the NXT Championship.

“That was something which was a moment in time, there were conversations that were had, it was basically about not having to beat it into the ground when you say it, but it just got run with. When you have that many people working on a product, and something gets taken the wrong way, everyone in trying to do their job just spreads it. There was never an edict, there was never anything. If you’re showing a graphic you don’t have to say the title belt says women’s, the graphic says women’s, you get it, you don’t have to beat it in the ground. It was more that, it just got run with an speculated on”

Check out the full audio from today’s NXT conference call below.

Reports first emerged last month indicating WWE issued an internal decree indicating term NXT Women’s Championship will be replaced with NXT Championship.

This change comes following Becky Lynch stating on WWE Backstage that the company should stop using gender specific language when referring to the Men’s and Women’s division.

Based on Triple H’s comments today, it seems the move was not an official direction, but something the company will not focus on when referring to Men’s and Women’s titles going forward.

WWE has been referring to Rhea Ripley as the NXT Women’s Champion on programming.

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