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Watch: Becky Lynch Gives ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin A Stunner On ‘Straight Up Steve Austin’

Becky Lynch hit a picture-perfect Stunner on Steve Austin on last night’s episode of  Straight Up Steve Austin.

Steve Austin had Becky Lynch as his special guest on the fourth episode of his USA Network series, and offered to share a beer inside the ring with her. “There’s one other question I’d like to ask you. Do you want to drink a beer with me?” Austin stated. “Does The Man want to drink a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin? Yeah, I’ll have a beer with Stone Cold,” Lynch responded.

After they both took a drink, Lynch dropped her beer and hit Austin with a Stunner.  “That’s what happens when The Man comes around.” Lynch said, as she hovered over Austin’s body.

Straight Up Steve Austin airs weekly following Monday Night RAW. The show hosts a celebrity guest each week.

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