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WWE Dismisses Lawsuit Against Counterfeit T-Shirt Sellers

WWE Seized Hundreds Of Counterfeit T-Shirts

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World Wrestling Entertainment has dismissed a lawsuit against several people who were caught selling counterfeit merchandise during Wrestlemania 35 weekend.

On April 6, 2020, WWE filed a Notice of Dismissal Without Prejudice against nine individuals that were served lawsuits for selling counterfeit WWE merchandise.

None of the alleged, who were served summons for selling counterfeit merchandise responded to the lawsuit.

Given these circumstances, it is unlikely that any of the named defendants or any other individuals will appear in this action.

Therefore, in the interest of judicial economy, WWE files this Notice of Dismissal Without Prejudice to refiling and dismisses its claims set forth in the Amended Complaint pursuant to Rule 41(a)(1)(A)(i).

Every year prior to Wrestlermeania, WWE files orders to seize counterfeit merchandise. These orders are valid for one year, and allows the company to seize goods baring trademarks owned by WWE.

WWE seized hundreds of counterfeit t-shirts Wrestlemanias 35 weekend, and served a number of individuals.

Below is an example of the summons served to alleged bootlegers, as well as a “summary bootleg report” which outlines seizures made.

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