WWE Giving Raises On Expiring Deals, AJ Styles Expected To Get Additional Privileges If He Re-Signs

WWE Is Attempting To Retain Talent

WWE continues to aggressively work on retaining talent whose contracts are expiring in 2019. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that WWE was willing to double the salary on talent who were willing to sign a contract immediately if they showed a contract from a competing company.

According to Rajah.com, the WWE is also giving up to 50% increases to non-wrestlers and WWE legends whose deals are set to expire. This would help them retain backstage talent, who may seek other offers from companies such as Ring Of Honor or All Elite Wrestling.

Any talent who have contracts in 2019 are given great leverage, due to the fact that the WWE’s new television deals add more revenue to the company overall. With All Elite Wrestling and Ring Of Honor attempting to secure talent, WWE talent have more bidding power.

Rajah.com reports that AJ Styles contract expiry has led him to have more leverage when negotiating with the WWE. The WWE is expected to do everything they can to keep Styles from signing with another promotion.

The WWE is willing to give Styles additional privileges, including more control over his work schedule.  This will allow Styles to work a lighter scheduler, similar to Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that those close to the situation believe that AJ Styles will renew his contract with the company, which is set to expire in April.





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