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Exclusive: Bray Wyatt’s Wife Files Court Order Preventing Him From Entering Home

Samantha Rotunda files “Exclusive Use and Possession of Residences” order

Bray Wyatt’s wife, Samantha Rotunda has filed a court order for “Exclusive Use and Possession Of Residences” on June 15th, 2017.  This order prevents Bray from stepping foot on the property of their home. It does not stop Bray from communicating with with wife or children, it simply means she does not want him in their home. This is a temporary order that needs to be finalized before a final order is processed.

Samantha Rotunda initially filed divorce papers in April. She alleges Bray has been having an affair with WWE ring announcer Jojo Offerman. She claims that Bray has been unfaithful for a year and a half.

Stipulation Filed For Exclusive Use And Possession Of Residences

You can apply to the family court for an order for exclusive possession of your home. This is a court order that says only one partner can stay in, or return to, the home and the other partner is not allowed on the property. If there are children, usually the order also says that the children are allowed on the property. The order is usually temporary. The court doesn’t decide who owns the home or who rented it when deciding which partner can stay in it.

An order for exclusive possession does not stop your partner from contacting you at work or anywhere else. It also does not mean that he gives up his part of the ownership of the home.

Samantha has been public regarding her divorce. She posted a message on Instagram last week which states that Bray will never have his home, family and life together again.

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