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Audio Released From Paige / Alberto El Patron Incident at Orlando Airport

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TMZ has released audio from the alleged domestic battery incident involving Alberto El Patron and Paige at the Orlando Airport Sunday.

The audio was recorded by a fan who recognized the couple, and was obtained by TMZ.

Some of the audio is inaudible, but it Paige is heard saying, “just stay out of my life, leave me the f*ck alone! I’m trying to get away from you!”

Patron can be heard saying he’s pressing charges and “you are pressing charges against yourself”. It seems to be directed towards Paige”.

Transcript From Audio:

Alberto El Patron: call the cops. Come on, let’s do it, call the cops

Paige: … just stay out of my life. Leave me the f*ck alone. I try to get away from you. All the time. Yes, you deserve it. You deserve it [inaudible]

Alberto El Patron: [inaudible] you are pressing charges against yourself.

Paige: [inaudible] …press charges…press charges.. it gets me the f*ck away from you! It gets me the f*ck away from you!

Alberto El Patron: Let’s go. I’m following you!

Witness: Do not follow her. I’m a huge fan by the way. I never thought that … [inaudible]

Alberto El Patron: You’re not going to let her go. Call the police. She assaulted me. She needs to be arrested. We go into a fight at the restaurant.


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