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Reason Becky Lynch vs. Asuka Was Announced, Then Dropped For Royal Rumble

Internal Communication Issues Lead To Promo Being Aired

The WWE had a bit of a communication problem between departments this week as creative and production were on two separate pages when it came to the match card for the Royal Rumble.

The WWE had plans to have Becky Lynch face Asuka at the Royal Rumble, and according to John Pollock at Post Wrestling it was scheduled to be announced this past week on Smackdown. On Tuesday, it was decided that the Royal Rumble card needed to be re-evaluated and the match may or may not happen.

WWE production made the promo video for the match, and it wasn’t aired on Smackdown, but the studio had old information and used it for Main Event this week.

Paige took to Twitter to make it seem like it was a decision she made before she let go as General Manager. The WWE used this as a way to add it to the storyline without fans wondering why it may never be announced on television past the promo that aired on Main Event.

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka Pulled From WWE Royal Rumble



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