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WWE Wants To Stop Independent Wrestler Who Filed Trademark For Sister Abigail

WWE Legal Has Sent Request To Stop Trademark

The WWE legal team has sent a request to extend opposition on a trademark filing for the name “Sister Abigail”. Independent wrestler Tatevik Hunanyan aka Tatevik The Gamer applied for the trademark June 5th, 2018.

Hunanyan applied for the trademark to use for professional wrestling. The filing states the trademark will be used for “Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer”

The WWE previously did not trademark the name, which has been used and dropped for the Bray Wyatt storyline. Hunanyan was granted the trademark, as the WWE did not oppose the filing within time.

WWE’s Vice President of Intellectual Property Lauren A. Dienes-Middlen requested an opposition to the filing. The trademark office has extended the time to oppose until 3/20/19.

WWE Trademark Sister Abigail - Heel By Nature



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