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Lars Sullivan Has Major Match Planned At Wrestlemania 35, Suffers Mental Health Issues Prior To Debut

Sullivan Was Expected To Debut This Past Week

Sullivan Suffers Anixety Attack Prior To Debut

Lars Sullivan was the talk of WWE backstage this week. The NXT superstar who was scheduled to make a main roster debut this week suffered an anxiety attack prior to working his match.

According to Dave Meltzer in this weeks Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lars Sullivan was scheduled to make a dark match debut this past Monday at RAW in Orlando, FL. The rest of the new NXT call-ups were in the building, but Sullivan either didn’t arrive, or arrived and left due to suffering an anxiety attack.

WWE management spoke to Sullivan, smoothed things out, and then had him scheduled to work a dark match at Smackdown this past Tuesday in Jacksonville, FL. WWE handles mental health much more seriously now, and is more understanding due to its experience with Mauro Ranallo.

Sullivan did not show up to the arena on Tuesday for his scheduled dark match. He reportedly flew back home to Colorado, and no update is known on how the WWE handled the situation.

According to Meltzer, the WWE is planning on having Sullivan’s first major feud with John Cena. Sullivan, who is earmarked for a monster push was expected to begin his storyline with Cena at Royal Rumble, with the two eventually having at match at Wrestlemania 35.

Following the incidents that occurred at TV this past week, it’s unknown if any plans will be modified, or his current status for debut.

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