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Alexa Bliss Provides Health Update, Optimistic On In-Ring Return

Alexa Bliss Hopeful On In-Ring Return

Alexa Bliss appeared at the Ace Comic Con yesterday in Phoenix, AZ. In a panel hosted by Lillian Garcia, Bliss spoke on her career, including her recent health setback that has caused her to be out of the ring.

Bliss was very hopeful on returning, and mentioned she has been training at the WWE Performance Center. She mentioned how the WWE is very cautious, and if she returns too soon, and has symptoms(headache, memory loss, etc) related to a concussion she will have to start from the beginning once again.

Bliss stated that she had one concussion that was aggravated after returning too soon. Once that happened she had to begin concussion testing from square one.

“I plan on coming back pretty soon, WWE is very careful when it comes to us, with concussions. We have the best of the best taking care of us, and you have to go through concussion protocol. Everyone is just being cautious, which they should. It’s a brain, you only get one, can’t trade it off for another.”

Bliss also did provide a medical update indicating her MRI results looking good, and neurologists are optimistic as long as she doesn’t have any symptoms.

“I’ve been doing really well, I’ve been training at the Performance Center, and I’m training in the ring there. So…there is definitely hope soon for me to get back in the ring relatively soon, it just depends on – it’s a brain, you can’t really tell it to heal. My MRI’s and everything look good, neurologists say I look good, and as long as I don’t have symptoms. If you feel good, and you know you’re good, and you back to the ring, and you have a symptom, you have to start at square one. If you get a headache, or memory loss, but I’ve been good, I’ve been feeling good, and hopefully sooner than later, I’ll be doing ‘Moment Of Bliss’ and in the ring”

Watch her full interview with Lillian Garcia below.

ACE Comic Con Arizona 2019

ACE Comic Con Arizona 2019

Posted by ACE Comic Con on Friday, January 11, 2019


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