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Fox Reportedly Wants WWE Smackdown To Be Less Politically Correct

Fox Wants More Edgier Product From WWE

WWE is set to move their Smackdown Live programming to Fox this October in a new Friday night time slot.

According to Rajah.com, FOX is reportedly asking WWE to make changes to the content once the blue brand makes it way to the network this fall.

The report states FOX is looking for a more “edgier” product from the WWE, and wants to move away from catering to “PC Culture”.

The source adds that FOX is also looking for WWE to produce a more edgier product and that they aren’t looking to give into the PC culture that dominates current WWE programming.

WWE toes the line, and attempts to be careful not to offend or upset any group of people. If the company decides to bring back more edgier storylines they could face backlash from a segment of the fan base, as well as advertising partners.

If this change does happen, one can only speculate how this will affect WWE programming outside of FOX, as well as PPV events on the WWE Network.

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