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Report: Kurt Angle Expected To Retire As In-Ring Competitor

Kurt Angle Set To Phased Out As Wrestler

Kurt Angle’s future in the WWE is expected to take a new direction in the near future. The WWE Hall Of Fame is expected to retire as an in-ring competitor.

According to Rajah.com, WWE sources have revealed the company is planning on taking immediate steps to phase Kurt Angle as a wrestler. Two sources indicated that the plan at one point was to have Angle work a ‘retirement’ match at Wrestlemania, possibly against John Cena, but those plans don’t appear to be happening anymore.

One company source indicated the current plan is to offer Kurt Angle a new contract, which will transition him into a backstage agent role.

The source also adds a lot of people feel when Angle returned he was misused. The thought is he should have wrestled first, retired second, and been used as an authority figure last.

As far as when Angle’s last match with the company will be, that is unknown. WWE is in Pittsburgh tonight for RAW, which is Angle’s hometown. There is no concrete information linking tonight’s event to Angle’s retirement, but it would make sense.

Kurt Angle made his WWE return in 2017 following his Hall Of Fame induction.

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