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New Japan Pro Wrestling Announces Female Only Section At Wrestle Kingdom 14

New Japan Pro Wrestling announced it will designate a female only section at its Wrestle Kingdom 14 event next January.

The company released a statement today stating this section will be available to ensure female fans feel comfortable attending the event.

Come to our events with female friends, sisters, mothers or daughters! We want to make sure all female fans feel comfortable when coming to our events. We want to warmly welcome long time fans and newcomers who might feel anxious watching professional wrestling in a live environment for the first time.

The Tokyo Dome will have two sections designated for female fans, where no males will be allowed to sit, even if they are accompanied by a female.  Female only sections will be available for both nights of the event.

The following details were released:

  • If children who are younger than elementary school age use a ladies’ seat or sit on their parent’s lap, they must also be girls.
  • Please note that younger children can view the event accompanied by a parent or guardian and sit on their lap (one child per adult).
  • Personal ID, identifying yourself as a woman, is needed on the day of the event. Please present it if asked.
  • A fixed area of Arena B and 1F Stands is designated as ladies-only. Even if these tickets sell-out, there will be no additional ladies only seating.
  • Sales will end early if all tickets are sold, event day tickets might not be available. We appreciate your understanding.

According to Dave Meltzer, the company is encouraging safe places for women to enjoy the show, without having to worry about being hit on.

Wrestle Kingdom 14 is a two-night event beginning January 4, 2010 at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.