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Seth Rollins Says WWE Is Going To Knock AEW ‘Dead’

Seth Rollins has been vocal in recent weeks defending WWE, and his thoughts on Jon Moxley leaving the company for All Elite Wrestling.

During today’s SummerSlam conference call Rollins added his thoughts on Moxley’s departure, implying he is taking money out of his pocket by joining the competition.

“I was surprised by it. I knew Ambrose needed time away from WWE,” Rollins stated. “Now he’s competition and trying to take dinner off my table & good on him.”

Rollins didn’t pull any punches on the WWE vs. AEW war that is on the horizon. He was very blunt in stating WWE will knock AEW ‘dead”, just like they have done with other promotions in the past.

We are going to knock them dead, just like we do everyone else.” – Seth Rollins on AEW

All Elite Wrestling is scheduled to announce more details on their weekly television program , which is expected to begin on Wednesday October 2, 2019 on TNT.