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Big Show to Star in New Reality TV Series

WWE Superstar Big Show will star in a reality television series, Big Show vs. The World: A Giant Abroad.

The show focuses on his stories, passions and world travels.

In addition, this is his latest transition from pro wrestler to television actor; as a travel and adventure series.

ITV America co, Thinkfactory Media, and WWE Studios are co-producing this project.

To clarify, Thinkfactory CEO Adam Reed says,

He [Show] brings so many different layers to a project like this… he blends his fierce intelligence and curiosity with an unexpected one-of-a-kind wit.

His physical intimidating stature is offset by his surprisingly disarming personality.

Big Show says,

I won’t guarantee we’ll solve every mystery but we’ll explore every strange detail…

Big Show has starred in the Syfy series, Happy, and stars in the new The Big Show Show which is currently in production; a program that WWE Studios is co-producing with Netflix.

“The World’s Largest Athlete” hasn’t wrestled in the WWE since November 2018, despite still being under contract, due to a tweaked hamstring injury. He was recently in the WWE World Cup last year.

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