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WWE YouTube Glitch Reveals 8-Hour NXT UK Pre-Show Rehearsal

NXT Uk Rehearsal Feed

WWE Production Feed Reveals Rehearsals Of NXT UK

The behind-the-scenes production of the November 16 privately aired tapings of NXT UK are open to the general public.

The friend of VICE staff writer, David Bixespan, reveals footage inadvertently shown on his Roku software’s AutoPlay mode.

For example, the footage contains behind-the-scenes pre-show rehearsals of the UK wrestlers and the vocal input of producers in the gorilla position.

In addition, what it also features is black screen and the off-air joking of NXT UK commentators, Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness.

The taping appears as an unlisted/private video on WWE’s official YouTube channel.

In short, Bixespan’s undisclosed friend would inadvertently gain access to the footage via a YouTube or Roku glitch.

Mistakes, rehearsed lines and run-ins were done during the eight hours of production.

In the same vein, behind-the-scenes leaked footage of the original NXT of the early-2010s are on the internet.

The mass reception is the awe the fans are in at the level preparation that goes into WWE television tapings.

In conclusion, this might effect how NXT UK handles/books their shows and talent going forward.