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Hulk Hogan Explains Recent Fan Altercation at Kansas City Hotel

Hulk Hogan has has provided details on a recent video that has surfaced showing him and a fan exchanging words inside a hotel lounge.

Hogan stated that following Friday Night SmackDown, Ric Flair had called him asking him to have one drink at the hotel bar. Hogan obliged and went to the hotel lounge to have a drink with Flair.

He explained that him and Flair wanted to have one drink alone, before speaking to any fans, signing autographs or taking photos. People began approaching the booth they were sitting at, and Flair began “running people off”, as they wanted to sit down and relax in peace.

Hogan explained that a drunk fan approached the table him and Flair were sitting at.  The fan then ordered two Shirly Temple beverages to the table as a joke, which caused Flair to initially make the remark “the last time I had a Shirley Temple was when I was with your wife”.

As Hulk Hogan was leaving the fan yelled “Hey Hogan, you are an f*cking d*ck”, which is when the camera began rolling, catching Hogan’s reaction.

Hogan stated a lot of WWE stars including Brian Kendrick were around waiting for the situation to heighten, which luckily didn’t. Everyone then went their separate way.

Posted by Hulk Hogan on Saturday, October 26, 2019