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Lars Sullivan Update, Current Plans For New WWE Call-Ups




Lars Sullivan wasn’t mentioned this past on WWE programming, and that is because the company is not sure when he will return.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE has told Lars Sullivan that he has the option to return when he is ready.

The company is reportedly supportive of him, despite reports of Vince McMahon being unhappy with the situation, and putting the heat on Triple H.

Sullivan is currently on a leave following an anxiety issues prior to RAW on 1/7.

The rest of the WWE debuts have been shown on television and wrestling dark matches. Meltzer notes that Vince’s mentality right now is he wants people to see their faces on television.

WWE creative has been told to write stuff where they are in the background, as they haven’t yet decided which brands they will be on, or how they will be used.

As of now McMahon just wants fans seeing them while they work on what exactly they will do with them.

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