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Rick Bognar aka Fake Razor Ramon Passes Away At Age 49

Rick Bognar, better known to fans as ‘Fake Razor Ramon’ has passed away at age 49.

Former WCW referee Billy Silverman confirmed the news on Facebook, via Rick’s brother Ken.

Rick passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 9/20. No details regarding the cause of death is know.

Bognar got his start in Calgary in 1988 working the independent scene. He then moved to Japan and worked for various promotions including FMW and WAR.

Bognar had a brief stint in ECW as Big Titan, and then was brought into the WWE as the Fake Razor Ramon.

After leaving WWE, Bognar worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling, joining the nWo Japan stable. He wrestled his last match in 1999.

Rick Bognar worked under many different aliases including Big Titan, Fake Razor Ramon, Rick Titan, Ti Do, Mega Mask, and Razor Rick.

After his wrestling career, Bognar started his own life coaching business, and has done numerous seminars and television appearances in Canada.