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Sasha Banks Reveals Why She Took WWE Hiatus, Addresses Reports Surrounding Her Absence

WWE premiered their latest WWE Chronicle featuring Sasha Banks tonight on the WWE Network. Banks gave some insight to why she took a hiatus from the company, and addresses reports surrounding her absence.

Banks detailed how depression caused her to need take a step back from WWE and find herself. She mentioned she underwent therapy to help find herself in a time where she was at her lowest. The catalyst for a lot of the sadness began when Paige suffered a career ending injury, which caused many fans to shift blame on to her.

She also spoke on rumors surrounding her loss at Wrestlemania 35. Reports surfaced shortly after the event that Banks and Bayley were seen crying in the locker room, and at the hotel. Although Banks did speak on these reports in a recent episode of RAW, she claims the reports were untrue, and asks to see the footage.

Sasha Banks “WWE Chronicle” episode is now streaming on the WWE Network.

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