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Update On NXT Moving From Full Sail To Larger Venues

Triple H With Fans At NXT on USA Debut | Full Sail University (Photo:

Talks continue on plans to move NXT to larger venues in 2020.

Dave Meltzer noted in this week’s edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is talking about continuing the use of Full Sail, just not every week.

Regarding NXT in 2020, there is talk going around that they will continue to use Full Sail, just not every week, with the idea of doing some shows live at Full Sail and some in arenas outside Florida,” Meltzer stated. Full Sail is more cost-effective but the location and look, particularly with head-to-head competition, is likely part of the reason for the declining ratings. It was only done weekly at Full Sail to start because they rushed to get the thing on the air to get the jump on AEW and didn’t have time to book arenas. They’ve been talking to arenas for television starting in January.

Dave Meltzer noted previously that WWE is in talks with larger buildings to shoot television on Wednesday nights.

WWE and Full Sail University launched a partnership in 2012 to bring NXT tapings to the Full Sail campus.

All Elite Wrestling currently holds their weekly Dynamite series at venues that that have seating capacities between approximately 6500 – 15,000 patrons.