Wrestlemania 35: First Two Matches Set

Two Wrestlemania 35 Matches Set

Wrestlemania is beginning to shape up, as the first two matches are set for the event on 4/7 at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

Becky Lynch, who won the Women’s Royal Rumble match made her decision tonight on RAW, and challenged Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 35

Seth Rollins seemingly had his decision made for him after being laid out by Brock Lesnar in the final segment of the night.

After defeating Bayley in an open challenge match, Becky Lynch returned to RAW to challenge Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania 35.

Seth Rollins originally didn’t want to make his decision, but was told by Triple H in the opening segment that his decision needed to be made tonight.

Both Lesnar, and Daniel Bryan were both at RAW, and ready for Seth Rollins decision. In the final segment, Brock Lesnar entered the ring, and Paul Heyman stated that Seth should face Daniel Bryan.

Seth Rollins entered the ring and proceeded to punch Lesnar. Rollins’ advantage didn’t last long, and ended up at receiving multiple F-5’s.

Seth asked Lesnar if that is all he’s got, and proceeded to hit Rollins with another F-5 as they went to credits.

Wrestlemania 35 – Current Match Card

  • WWE RAW Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch
  • WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins

WWE Elimination Chamber and Fastlane take place in February and March, which could add or change competitors in the match. At one point, Charlotte Flair was expected to take part in the RAW Women’s Championship match.



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