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WWE Management Met With Talent During Smackdown In An Attempt To Sign New Deals




Vince McMahon Addresses Criticism Over Talent Schedules

WWE management is attempting to retain a numerous stars following the news of Dean Ambrose leaving the company.

While some fans, and even talent backstage who aren’t privy to management discussions feel that Ambrose’ exit was part of an elaborate storyline, this does not seem to be the case.

Ambrose exiting the company is creating a stir backstage, which has led to WWE management holding meetings with various superstars.

According to Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite, this past Tuesday during Smackdown WWE management spoke to anyone who had contracts up in the next year or two.

Talent were pulled into rooms and had meetings with WWE management in attempts to sign longer form deals with the company.

According to Johnson, this caused quite the buzz backstage, where talent were sitting around during these meetings discussing how crazy the current situation was.

Triple H previously said on a media call that they are treating everyone like completion, and doing will continue to do what’s best for WWE.

All Elite Wrestling seems like a legitimate threat to WWE. In the modern era of the company, they have not been this aggressive in trying to retain talent.

WWE is currently trying to sign wrestlers to 5-year deals. Before last year, most wrestlers would sign 2 or 3 year deals with the company.

Current have a major advantage right now, as they are able to negotiate larger deals, and add additional stipulations to their contracts. This could allow stars to have lighter or modified scheduled.

WWE is using the FOX deal as a bargaining chip, advising talent that they have more money coming in, and deals will be more lucrative.

The WWE is also offering larger downside guarantees, in hopes this will sway talent decisions, who may be looking elsewhere to continue their career.

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All Elite Wrestling News

Cody Rhodes ‘Bash At The Beach’ Trademark In Limbo Due To WWE Trademark, Cody’s Legal Team Responds




10:30 PM ET – UPDATE: Cody Rhodes has filed a response through his legal counsel indicating why he should be able to own the “Bash At The Beach” trademark.

The United States Trademark office refused the initial trademark due to the similarities with WWE’s “The Bash” trademark.

Cody’s legal team provided several other trademarks using the words “BASH” indicating it won’t cause confusion.

The intiial refusal was based on the fact that both words used “BASH” and are wrestling services.

Read the full response below.

Bash At The Beach Trademark In Limbo

Cody Rhodes trademark for “Bash At The Beach” has been initially refused by the United States Trademark Office.

HeelByNature.com has obtained trademark filings which outline the refusal and next steps needed for Cody to be approved of the trademark.

The USPTO issued refusal order to Cody’s legal representative Michael Dockens of Shumaker Loop & Kendrickon 5/20/19.

The reasoning behind the refusal was “likelihood of confusion” with WWE’s trademark “The Bash”.

United States Trademark Filings indicate the following: 

Here, the dominant portion of the registrant’s mark, “BASH” is the first and dominant term of the applied-for mark BASH AT THE BEACH. The marks sound similar and have a similar meaning when viewed in the context of the wrestling services to which they relate.

Although applicant’s mark has been refused registration, applicant may respond to the refusal(s) by submitting evidence and arguments in support of registration.

Cody’s legal team had 6 months from the refusal order to submit proper evidence to support the registration of the trademark. The cutoff date for them to send in proper documentation was 11/20/19. It’s not known if Cody’s legal team has submitted those documents.

WWE initially registered the trademark for “The Bash” in 2009. The application was renewed in 2011 The filing was renewed in 2018 for an additional 10 years.

Yesterday, Cody made post indicating he may be heading to court. “Sounds like I’ll be going to court soon, time to go suit shopping”

Below are the documents obtained by HeelByNature.com that outlines the refusal order issued by the United States Trademark Office.


All Elite Wrestling plans to use the “Bash At The Beach” name for two Dynamite events on 1/15/20 and 1/22/20.


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Daily News Report

NXT Beats AEW In Viewership For The First Time In The Wednesday Night Wars




NXT Viewership Rises In Wednesday Night Wars

NXT on USA has defeated AEW Dynamite for the first time in the Wednesday Night Wars.

Last night’s episode of NXT drew an average of 916,000 viewers, while AEW Dynamite drew 893,000 viewers.

AEW ended up ranking higher than NXT in demographic ratings. In the 18-49 demographic AEW led 0.39 to 0.30. The lead was much larger in the 18-49 male demo with AEW drawing a 0.52 to 0.39.

NXT featured several top stars from RAW and SmackDown, and was the go-home show for NXT Takeover and Survivor Series.


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Daily News Report

ACH fka Jordan Myles Released From WWE




ACH has been granted his release from WWE.

The former Jordan Myles posted a photo on Twitter showing him sign forms on WWE letterhead.

ACH has already begun taking independent bookings, and will perform on 11/22 for Heavy Metal Wrestling against Chandler Hopkins.

Judging by how soon he is working, WWE did not impose a no-compete clause.

Last week ACH hosted a Q&A session on Twitter where he addressed a number of topics, including his status with WWE and dealing with mental health issues.

ACH has been very vocal about his negative feelings towards WWE following a controversial t-shirt design.

WWE has yet to publicly acknowledge his release.

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