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The Young Bucks Superkick Triple H Impersonator In Latest Episode Of Being the Elite

The Elite “Leaving The Territory” Takes Us Behind The Scenes At Final ROH PPV

The latest edition of the popular Youtube Series Being The Elite features skits filmed this past weekend during Ring Of Honor Final Battle.

Now that The Elite are wrapping up their time with Ring Of Honor, the running joke on the program is Triple H and the WWE attempting to secure the group. In the latest episode a Triple H impersonator, who looks a lot like Frankie Kazarian from the back was invited to a Superkick Party from Matt and Nick Jackson.

The duo gave the Triple H lookalike a note that read “Although this was a difficult decision, we watched an episode of RAW and saw you guys  did to the tag team division. I know in this business the saying goes ‘Never Say Never’, but for now, we wish you the best in your future endeavours”

I’m sure we will gain more insight into the future of The Elite on future episodes of “Being The Elite”.

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