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The Former Revival Speak Out Following WWE Release

Vince McMahon Proposes New Gimmicks Prior To WWE Release

The Revival Final Costumes
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Following their WWE exit, leaked photos emerged showing the duo with a different look, Wheeler and Harwood claim that the photos were not leaked by one of the talent, but most likely from someone in creative.

“For whatever reason, the boys are kayfabed more than anybody else in the company. I can tell you with 100% certainty, that the boys are not the ones leaking out most of the information. Those photo shad to have come from someone from creative who came up with that costume.”

The pair were insisting on having a meeting with Vince McMahon to air out grievances, but understood he was very busy.

While practicing a match prior to SmackDown, they received a text from Mark Carano asking to go to Vince McMahon’s office ASAP. When they arrived, Vince handed them a folder with the pictures of a character change, which showed the duo in wild outfits.

According to Cash, they were on board with doing the gimmick, but explained once their contracts expire they would leave the company. They had no issues portraying these new characters, but wanted McMahon to know they were done afterwards.

“Here’s the deal, these are not good, but we will do this until our contracts expire. We will do whatever you want. We’ll give it 100%, and we’ll have fun with it. It’ll be fun, and we’ll do exactly what you have right here, but when our contracts expire, we are gone.”

The new gimmicks were presented on Friday, and the following Wednesday they were notified that they had been pulled from all future events. They believed McMahon wanted them to just sit out the rest of their contracts, rather than continue to work.

While the costumes were outrageous, the proposed idea was for them to dress in a way to prove a point, showing that the tag team division did not get the respect they deserve.