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AAA’s La Parka Dies Following Serious Injuries Sustained During Match Last Fall

AAA La Parka Passes Away

Lucha Libre legend Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza, better known as AAA’s La Parka passed away following serious injures sustained during a match in October.

He should not be confused with Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra, a former WCW wrestler, and current MLW star LA Park, who originally used the name.

The incident occured during a match this last October between La Parka, Murder Clown, RUSH, and LA Park. The match was held during a KAOZ Lucha Libre event.

La Parka suffered a neck and cervical fracture after a missed dive on RUSH. He required live-saving surgery following the incident.

AAA confirmed the news, and issued the following statement via social media.

We are very sad to report that our friend and idol of Mexican wrestling Jesús Alfonso Escoboza Huerta “LA PARKA” has passed away. We extend our support and condolences to his whole family and raise our prayers for his early resignation. Rest in peace

Press Release Issued By AAA Wrestling Following Death Of La Parka


Jesus Escoboza debuted in 1987 under the name Bello Sexy. In 1992, he changed his name to Maligno, which he used until 1995. He also worked briefly under the names Santa Esmarela and Crater.

In 1995, Escobedo joined AAA under the name Karis La Momia. A year later he was given the name La Parka Jr. by AAA promoter Antonio Peña who owned the rights to the character in Mexico.

In 2003, Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra, who portrayed the original La Parka joined rival promotion CMLL, which resulting in Antonio Peña taking legal action, barring him from using the La Parka character and name.

Jesus Escobedo was then given the name La Parka due to Pena owning the rights to the name. Many legal battles ensued between the Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra and Antonio Peña.

In 2010, the original La Parka, now under the name LA Park returned to AAA following a 13 year hiatus. He went on to feud with the new La Parka.

Escoboza became one of AAA’s top stars portraying the legendary character.

We send our condolences to his family, friends, and co-workers.

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