ACH aka Jordan Myles Holds Q&A, Speaks On WWE Status, Beef With Jay Lethal, Mental Health, and More


ACH aka Jordan Myles has returned to social media, and hosted a live Q&A session where he addresses a number of hot topics, including his current status with WWE, mental health, and his beef with ROH star Jay Lethal.

He spoke about the controversial t-shirt design, which sparked his public anger towards WWE. His stance towards the design remains the same, and says the shirt was “completely racist”. He admitted that his comments regarding the situation was fueled by emotion, but has no apologies, as he meant what he said.

As far as his current status with WWE, he didn’t provide full details on any discussions he had with management. He states he doesn’t know if he will be released, but is mentally free from the company. Based on his comments, he is still under contract with WWE.

He admitted he is suffers with mental health issues, and does have anxiety and depression. He says a lot of anger from the past came out when speaking on the t-shirt controversy.

ACH didn’t go into much detail regarding his beef with Jay Lethal. He put the onus on Lethal to explain the situation, and said he doesn’t wish to put more flames to the fire. He would wrestle Lethal again, for the love of wrestling, and would leave any beef they have outside the ring.

Check out the full Q&A session below

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