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Alicia Fox Reportedly Offered Rehab Following Incident At WWE Live Event




Alicia Fox Offered Rehab After Incident At WWE Live Event

Alicia Fox has reportedly been offered rehab following an incident that occurred at a WWE live event.

Fightful Select is reporting the WWE offered Alicia Fox rehab following reports of her showing up to a WWE live event intoxicated.

According to the report, Fox was offered rehab, but instead went absent, and some in the company are not aware if she actually went.

Fox is currently on “thin ice” following incidents over the last few years, including the incident at Wrestlemania 34 where she got into an argument with Ronda Rousey’s husband.

The report also notes Alicia Fox was in line for a push a couple years ago, but showed up two hours late to an event.

Earlier today, Wrestling Inc first reported Arn Anderson allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle at a WWE live event while intoxicated. This ultimately led to the dismissal of Arn Anderson from the company.

Fox has not wrestled since 2/10, and was not at RAW last week. It is unknown if she is backstage at RAW tonight.

She posted her first post in two weeks on Instagram today, which read#resilience /rəˈzilyəns/ noun 1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness And for those w your own opinion #nofoxgiven 🦊🙌🏾💕 #fancy#mood #digitaldetox

WWE’s wellness policy states talent is expected to be free of the influence alcohol while performing. It also states that talent is prohibited from using or consuming alcohol at any time within a twelve hour period to any WWE event or scheduled performance.

It also states that any performer who tests positive for alcohol shall be fined $2500, and the company may also require evaluation for alcohol rehabilitation treatment.

WWE Talent are expected to be free of the influence of alcohol when performing for WWE. Accordingly, WWE Talent are prohibited from using or consuming alcohol at any time within a twelve hour period prior to any WWE event or WWE scheduled performance. Testing for the use of alcohol shall be for reasonable suspicion only as defined in Section 8A of this Policy. A positive test for alcohol shall subject WWE Talent to the penalties set forth in Section 15 C of this Policy and may also require evaluation for alcohol rehabilitation treatment.


In the event of a positive test for alcohol, the WWE Talent shall be fined Two Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars ($2,500.00) per positive test, which shall be deducted from the WWE Talent’s downside guarantee.


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Daily News Report

Sin Cara Requests Release From WWE




Another WWE superstar has requested his release from the company.

Sin Cara took to Twitter to announce he has requested to be released from his WWE contract. In a statement posted in Spanish, Sin Cara explained although it was a tough decision, he needs to think about his children and future.

Sin Cara was critical about his booking within WWE, stating he is trapped in a place where is not valued. He feels he has been loyal, respectful, and a team player, but has not reaped any rewards from doing so.

The following statement was translated from Spanish to English.

Last night, after praying and considering it a lot, thinking about my children and their future, I made one of the most difficult but sensible decisions I have had to make in my professional wrestling career; I have asked for my WWE release.

Since I was a child, all I wanted to do was fight and all my life I have made decisions and sacrifices to put myself in a position to fulfill that dream. They are 20 long years of experience and total dedication to my sport that I love and respect. I have traveled the world, met incredible people and fought for the incredible fans of the WWE Universe.

I am so grateful for the opportunity they gave me, however, I realized that I am trapped in a place where I am not valued as an athlete or talent. I have worked hard and honestly for many years to polish my trade, I have been loyal, respectful, a team player, supportive and patiently awaited the opportunity to show the world everything I can do. Unfortunately, after all these years, that opportunity never came nor do I feel that it will ever come as long as I remain where I am.

The best years of my professional wrestling career are coming and I think the best is yet to come! I am a healthy, disciplined man, respectful of my profession and its environment, of my colleagues and mainly of the public to whom I have never failed. This is not the end, on the contrary, this is the beginning of the next chapter and I am excited for what the future holds! (Isaiah 43: 18-19)

I want to thank WWE for this amazing chapter, I will always be grateful. Most importantly, thanks to the WWE Universe for its unwavering support and to all my public that in all parts of the world has supported me and showed their love, the only way I can correspond is to continue providing myself with all the dedication, passion and professionalism that I have Always shown. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. – Translation provided by HeelByNature.com

It’s unknown if WWE will grant Sin Cara his release, or if he will have to wait out his contract like many others. Most recently Mike Kanellis requested his release from the company, and has yet to be granted it.

Jorge Arias currently plays the role of Sin Cara. Arias debuted for WWE in 2011, temporarily replacing Luis Urvive, who previously played the character.

In 2013, after WWE released Urive, Arias reprised his role as Sin Cara and has since performed as the character.

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Daily News Report

Independent Wrestler Matt Travis Passes Away In Tragic Hit-And-Run Crash




Independent wrestler Matt Travis died on November 9, 2019, when he was struck by a dump truck while riding his bicycle in Harlem, NY.

According to NBC New York, the 25-year-old independent wrestler, whose real name is Matthew Travis Palacios was riding his bicycle in East Harlem on Saturday when a dump truck driver made an illegal turn and struck him. Travis was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Travis started training in 2016 at House of Glory Wrestling school in Queens, NY. He has been a mainstay on the independent scene competing for HOG, Game Changer Wrestling, and CZW.

Following the news, the wrestling world began posting tributes the late wrestler.

Game Changer Wrestling tweeted, “R.I.P. Matt Travis A passionate, rising star with a big heart and a world of potential. You will be missed 🙏”

CZW added, “CZW is heartbroken to learn of Matt Travis’ tragic passing. He will always be considered part of the Combat Zone family and we send our deepest condolences and love to everyone lucky enough to know him. RIP Matt.”


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Daily News Report

WWE Set To Re-Launch Stone Cold Podcast With MAJOR Name As First Guest




WWE will be reviving the Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network.

According to Wrestlevotes, WWE plans on changing the name from Stone Cold Podcast to Broken Skull Sessions With Steve Austin.

The debut episode will feature Steve Austin interviewing The Undertaker. This will be The Undertaker’s first wrestling podcast appearance.

WWE is reportedly planning on making the announcement this week. Original plans had the podcast debuting in the first quarter of 2020.

The original Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network debuted in 2014, featuring guests such as Vince McMahon, Dean Ambrose, Triple H, and Ric Flair.


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