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All Elite Wrestling Is Reportedly A ‘Taboo Subject’ Within New Japan Pro Wrestling




All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling have no intentions to work together in the future.

Following the departure of Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Cody, the relationship between the two promotions have been “fractured” according to the latest report from Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The relationship is fractured, broken” Meltzer stated. “I hope it’s fixed, for the good of the industry, and for the good of everyone involved.” Meltzer explained how the subject of AEW is something that a “taboo” at New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“They do things a certain way, and there is subjects that are taboo, and right now for everyone at New Japan Pro Wrestling, Kenny Omega is a taboo subject, AEW is a taboo subject, they are not supposed to talk about it, and they all know they are not supposed to talk about it”

Three of All Elite Wrestling’s top performers, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley all have the ability to work for New Japan, but no working relationship is scheduled anytime soon.

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s General Manager Michael Craven released a statement to Sports Illustrated in May, explaining the company has no ill will towards AEW, but has no intentions to work with them.

“New Japan and Jon Moxley came to terms on an agreement some time ago, completely independently of All Elite. Our understanding is that he is free to wrestle in Japan. We wish AEW well, but have no working relationship as of now

Jon Moxley stated in a recent appearance on the Store Horsemen Podcast that AEW had no influence on him not working New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax, and he simply was booked for another engagement, despite reports stating AEW blocked him from performing.


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All Elite Wrestling News

All Elite Wrestling Expected To Make Canadian Television Announcement Soon




All Elite Wrestling is set to make an announcement regarding how Canadian fans can watch their weekly television program.

Cody Rhodes took part in a Twitter Q&A on Saturday and stated, “Canada’s patience is gonna’ pay off Standby…” when asked about an update on airing AEW on Canadian television.

Back in March, Jason Agnew of TSN’s “Saturday Night’s Main Event” revealed that AEW did approach the network to air their weekly show. No details from those talks have been revealed, other than the answer was not a “No” from the network.  TSN currently runs several networks in Canada.

TSN has a long history of airing pro-wrestling content in Canada. The network aired programming from AWA, Stampede Wrestling, WCW, and WWE.

All Elite Wrestling will air weekly on TNT in the United States beginning October 2, 2019.

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All Elite Wrestling News

Photo: Jon Moxley Injury Update

Monty Jackson



Renne Young posted a photo of John Moxley on Instagram with a new right arm brace as he deals with his second case of MRSA on his elbow.

Moxley had to pull-out of AEW’s ‘All Out’ event on August 31st due to his diagnosis.

Judging from the photo, Moxley completed his successful surgery to remove the bursa sac.

This is a result of his first diagnosis of MRSA as Dean Ambrose in the WWE, last year in 2018.

The former ‘Lunatic Fringe’ says,

I ended up having two different surgeries… this MRSA, staph infection. I nearly died.

According to the Mayo Clinic, MRSA is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or “staph infection” that’s become resistant to many of the biological antibiotics used to treat infections.

Take note that Moxley dealt with a severe triceps tendon injury in the same right arm, in late-2017; before his complications with MRSA.

According, to Medicine Net, MRSA is very contagious and Moxley is probably stuck with it since this is his second diagnosis in only a year.

In conclusion, according to the ‘Death Rider’ himself, he believes that he’s making a speedy recovery just in time for AEW’s TNT airings by October 2nd.

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