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Arn Anderson Firing Due To Allegedly Allowing WWE Star To Perform Intoxicated

Incident That Caused Arn Anderson To Be Fired

Arn Anderson was fired late last month following an incident at at WWE live event.

According to Wrestling Inc, Anderson was released from the company after allegedly allowing Alicia Fox to perform while intoxicated.

According to the report, multiple sources have confirmed Alicia Fox showed up a WWE live event intoxicated. Arn Anderson, who was the agent for the match allowed Fox to perform.

When Vince was made aware of what happened, an incident occurred between him and Anderson. The two were reportedly in a shouting match backstage.

It’s been previously reported that McMahon sent Arn Anderson home, and later released him, as this was the “final straw”.

Alicia Fox’s status in the company is currently not clear. She was not backstage at RAW last week, and her last match with the company was at a live event on 2/10. It’s not known if that was the night the alleged incident occurred.