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Backstage News On Pre-Taped Wrestlemania, RAW and SmackDown Taping Schedule

WWE is tight lipped on the possibility of pre-recording Wrestlemania 36.

According to POST Wrestling, WWE has sent a message internally on how Wrestlemania should be promoted.

The company is avoiding terms such as “streaming live” and/or “live on WWE Network” when speaking about the event.

Instead, those within the company are indicating the directive is to promote the show as “Too Big For One Night”.

Dave Meltzer adds, most within the company, including talent have not been provided any information on whether Wrestlemania will be taped or not, but that is likely going to happen.

“WrestleMania is likely being taped, but that decision is being kept secret.” Meltzer states. “Very few in the company are in the loop on the WrestleMania live vs. taped decision including most of the talent, which knows no more than anyone else.”

WWE currently has plans to pre-record the next two episodes of Friday Night Smackdown this weekend.

The next two episodes of RAW will be pre-recorded next Monday and Tuesday.