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Backstage News On RAW’s Direction Tomorrow Night Under Paul Heyman




Vince McMahon Coming To Grips With Product Needing Upgrade

Following Paul Heyman’s first week as RAW’s Executive Director, WWE will continue to focus on their younger demographic for Monday Night RAW tomorrow night in Newark, NJ.

According to Fightful Select, WWE is going to focus on the 18-34 demographic this week, following the spike in viewership from younger viewers from last week’s show.

The “lost generation” of 18-34 year olds is expected to the major target. Last week WWE begin more edgier storylines, and pushing the PG-era boundary.

According to the report, Heyman has been transparent about his where he stands in hierarchy of WWE, and how Vince McMahon still has final say on the product.

“We’re told that Heyman sits in the middle of the production meetings instead of at the front of the room,” Fighful reports. “[Heyman] has spoken to several team members about Vince McMahon coming to grips with the fact that the program needs to be upgraded, and with that happening, true change could be on the way.”

Although Heyman’s transition into his role will be slow, based on last week’s episode, the a new direction has begun.

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