Behind The Scenes Photos & Details From Wrestlemania 36 Boneyard Match

AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker: Eight-Hour Shoot Was Filmed On Custom Set That Took A Week To Build

Boneyard Match WWE Behind The Scenes
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The Undertaker defeated AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match during night one of Wrestlemania 36.

The match, which received praise from both fans and those in the industry was hailed as a masterpiece.

Whatculture was able to obtain some exclusive behind the scenes photos and details from the custom-built set WWE used to produce the match.

Among those on set included The Undertaker, AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Jeremy Borash(known for his work in Matt Hardy’s Final Deletion Match), Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon.

Filming The Boneyard Match
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Boneyard Match Set Build Details

Boneyard Match Set
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WWE hired an outside production team to custom-build the Boneyard set used. The set took five days to build.

The company reached out to the production team on 3/21, asking for a custom graveyard promo scene set, which they used for promos leading up to the match. Triple H and Michael Hayes were impressed the build, and requested more be added.

The outside production company hired Orange County locals to assist in the production, and apparently they received a nice pay-check from WWE.

Following the match, it took a week to clean-up the set.

Filming The Boneyard Match

Boneyard Match Filming
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WWE spent eight hours filming the match, with shooting beginning on 3/25 at 9 p.m, and ending the following morning at 5 a.m.

The shot of The Undertaker riding his motorcycle was originally going to be shot using an abandoned ditch and bridge nearby, but WWE did not have permits to film on city property.

The Undertaker, AJ Styles, Gallows, and Anderson spent extra time with the druids, who were extras brought in, to make sure they were comfortable with the scenes, and made sure everything looked good for the camera.

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The backstage banter between Undertaker and AJ Styles was not originally in the script for the match. Triple H gave the two free reign over what was said during the match.

The final scene where AJ Styles’ hand was shown poking through the dirt was an ode to the 1996 ‘Buried Alive Match’ between The Undertaker and Mankind.

Triple H and Michael Hayes found the prop hand hours before the shoot, and decided it would fit nicely during the final scene.

What Went Wrong During Filming?

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The Undertaker accidentally cut his his arm during the hearse window attack scene. He wanted the shot to be done from a different angle, and accidentally ended up smashing the glass.

The blood ended up adding an extra element to the match, and WWE decided to continue shooting, rather than bandage The Undertaker up.