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Big E Comments On Racist Remarks Allegedly Made By Lars Sullivan

Several months ago, racist and homophobic remarks allegedly made by WWE star Lars Sullivan surfaced online. These remarks were allegedly made several years ago.

Reddit user farcevacant, put together a list of all remarks allegedly made by Lars Sullivan on a BodyBuilding forum, which has since gained a lot of attention online.

A fan on Twitter sent the list to Big E, asking if he was aware of these remarks.

Big E responded that he is aware of the remarks, and if true, Sullivan needs to bear the burden of being known as a bigot in a company filled with many minorities. Hip-Hop star Wale, also responded asking how much of these remarks are true.

The posts include racist and homophobic remarks from two usernames said to be Lars Sullivan. Both usernames include photos indicating the person behind the account is Lars Sullivan.

Many people have since tweeted Sullivan regarding these remarks, and have been blocked.