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Cody and The Young Bucks Turned Down 7 Figure Deals From the WWE



The Elite Turn Down Main Event WWE Money

The Young Bucks, Cody and Hangman Page have now made their decision to not re-sign with Ring Of Honor, and all signs now point to the new startup All Elite Wrestling. Dave Meltzer notes in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer newsletter that major deals have been turned down from the WWE.

On the most recent episode of Being The Elite, art imitated real life when The Young Bucks turned down an “offer” from the WWE. The skit played out with The Young Bucks super-kicking Frankie Kazarian dressed up as Triple H. That skit mirrored a real life offer from the WWE.

The Young Bucks Superkick Triple H Impersonator In Latest Episode Of Being the Elite

Meltzer notes that three of the four turned down multi-year deals with the WWE for more than seven figures annually. Cody recently stated he turned down an offer from the WWE weeks ago, and Hangman Page was offered a deal within the last few months, but didn’t provide an answer.

The official departure of the Young Bucks, Cody and Adam Page from ROH, combined with them turning down WWE’s offer in a skit on their BTE show that mirrored real life, has made things clear that they see All Elite Wrestling as more than just an idea.

Three of the four turned down WWE main event money, multi-year deals for more than seven figures annually.

It’s quite obvious that some members of The Elite are in a financial position that allows them to turn down million dollar offers from the WWE in order to make their own path in their career.

The Young Bucks have been on WWE’s radar for quite sometime, and with the impending contract expiry of Kenny Omega, it’s almost certain that big money is being offered his way as well. Omega’s contract expires in January with New Japan Pro Wrestling.




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