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WWE Scheduled To Return To Saudi Arabia In May And November of 2019




WWE Returning To Saudi Arabia Following Wrestlemania 35

The WWE is scheduled to return to Saudi Arabia in May and November of 2019 according to a report from Dave Meltzer in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The WWE signed a 10-year deal with the Kingdom and Saudi Arabia earlier this year, and hosted two events in 2018. The company is scheduled to return in May and November of 2019 to host two more events for the Kingdom.

Meltzer notes that WWE stars recently received their bonuses from the Crown Jewel event, and “some are happy, and some are not” according to the report.

The WWE will more than likely not announce this event until closer to the date, to lessen the heat they will get for continuing to work with the Kingdom.

No word on what these events will be titled, or which city they will be held in.