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Details Surrounding Teddy Hart’s Release From MLW Revealed

Multiple Issues Caused MLW To Release Teddy Hart

Teddy Hart’s release from Major League Wrestling was announced Friday following multiple incidents according PWInsider.

Hart originally asked for his release several times, starting late November, but MLW denied his request, until changing their minds this week.

MLW has not offered any additional comments on his departure from the company, but issues began this past September according to the report. Hart no-showed pre-tapes in Dallas, and plans during a match between Hart Foundation and Dynasty at MLW War Chamber didn’t go as planned.  Tom Prichard, who was in charge of producing the match was extremely upset, and a source claims he nearly quit MLW.

“What was planned for a Best of Three Falls bout against the Dynasty at MLW War Chamber didn’t go according to plan with Hart getting most of the shine in the first fall”

Teddy Hart then no-showed a joint event with MLW and The CRASH in Mexico. This reflected badly on MLW, as The CRASH advertised Hart for the event, and booked additional talent for a six man tag he was scheduled to be a part of.

MLW sources also indicated the company was upset that Teddy Hart was in the crowd at NXT event. Hart was seen in the crowd with his cat. Hart was also at a recent All Elite Wrestling Dynamite event.

One MLW source noted to PWInsider, “”We felt Teddy was being not only disrespectful to us but to AEW and NXT and their locker rooms. If he had just been in the back, it’s a non-issue.  He was taking away from the talent in the ring with the antics too.”

In November, Hart then no-showed another pre-tape, and plans during his match against Myron Reed caused timing issues, nearly causing MLW to go off-air before a planned angle with CONTRA Unit. MLW taped the episode prior to airing on BeIN Sports later that night, which meant the production team would have no time to post-produce the segment.

MLW had plans to start a CONTA Unit vs. Hart Foundation program, with Teddy Hart returning to the company at Zero Hour on 1/11. These plans have now been cancelled, as Hart is now gone from the company.