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Fan Claims He Was Intimidated Backstage After ‘Incident’ At ROH Show

A fan claims he was intimated backstage by ROH star Bully Ray at this past Saturday’s event in Portland, OR.

In a lengthly Twitter post, the fan states he was exchanging words with Velvet Sky which led to ROH security bringing him backstage.

According to the post the fan states he was yelling at members of Allure, which caused Velvet Sky to challenge him to come in the ring. She allegedly told him to “suck it”, and called him a “virgin”. The fan began berating her about her relationship with Bully Ray, which caused ROH security to ask him to come backstage. He states Bully Ray was brought in to speak to him backstage, and told him he needs to treat the girls with respect.

Another fan on Reddit verified what happened in the arena to be true, but couldn’t confirm what happened backstage.

Sat next to him, his story is legit. It was the third time in two days he’s booed her due to them being the only women heels they have and chances are she got annoyed this time

Can’t confirm what happened backstage obviously but as far as what happened ringside, whole thing is true

Read the fan’s side of the story below.

We have reached out to Ring Of Honor for comment.