Jerry “The King” Lawler Signs New Deal With WWE

Lawler Signs Two-Year Deal With Company


Jerry “The King” Lawler has signed a new deal two-year with WWE. The King announced the news in the latest episode of his podcast ‘Dinner With The King’.

Lawler mentioned that his current deal was set to expire January 10th, 2019, and he signed a new deal with the company, with a bump in pay.

Lawler also announced that he will be calling the 2019 Royal Rumble match in Phoenix alongside JBL and Michael Cole.

“Since I’m not there every single week, they think I don’t work for WWE, but I’ve always, since 1993, I’ve been under contract to WWE, same type of contract, basically it’s a personal service contract, that everybody signs. When it comes under services, it says, may be commentating, voice overs for video games, hosting personal appearances. All this sort of stuff is in the contract. 

My contract is up every year on January 10th. On the 8th I still haven’t heard a word from them, you get a little nervous. I sent a little text to Kevin Dunn, saying ‘I don’t know if you know, I know you’re busy and everything, but my contract is up the day after tomorrow’ I said, ‘I just wanna know where we stood’. The very next day I got a new contract in the mail, not only one year, but two years. A two year contract, with a raise!

Check out the full episode of ‘Dinner With The King’ below

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